NAFSANIYOUN center aims to spread knowledge in Lebanon and the Arab world and shed light on the psychological aspect of experiences in society.
To achieve this goal, the center has so far published three books in Arabic written by the most important psychoanalysts and thinkers in the Arab world.
In 2019, the center published the last book by the father of psychoanalysis in the Arab world, "Mustafa Safwan" entitled "Beyond the Oedipal Civilization." This was followed by the issuance of the book "نشوة الجسد " by the psychoanalyst Houria Abdel Wahid in 2020, and preparations are being made to publish a book entitled "The Psychology of Orientalists" by the psychoanalyst Karim Jebili. "

Nashwat Al Jasad

written by Professor Houriya Abed Al Wahed

Ma Baad El Hadara

Written by Moustapha Safwan Introduced by Adonis