The Team

Nafsaniyoun team consists of 120 active volunteers from all over Lebanon working in different units and departments  respond to the vision. Nafsaniyoun consistently supports teamwork among its individuals in which all the team shares the same vision that helping each other is the sole purpose.

Honorary President for Nafsaniyoun Professor Mustafa Hijazi

Dr. Mustafa Hijazi, a Lebanese academic and debater holding a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Lyon – France. Professor Hijazi is a professor and former head of psychology department at the Lebanese University from 1983 to 1990 and professor of mental health and psychological counseling at the University of Bahrain from 1991 to 2006. He is a human resources development consultant, designer and director of several management training programs in general and educational administration in particular: human resource development, training management, training of trainers and leadership development forr school principals. Professor Hijazi managed to write numerous books that are of high importance covering many psychological themes of which the family dynamics theme and positive psychology theme. He was also known for translating professor's Safwan French books into Arabic, the last of which was" The Psychoanalysis: Science, Cure, and Case", and he was awarded Iben Khaldoun international Singhor for translation award afterwards

Head of training department Dr. Antoine Al Chartouni

He is a lecturer in the Department of Psychology and the Faculty of Health at the Lebanese University, specializing in psychological diseases and psychological analysis and has manybooks, most notably books on projective tests (Thematic Apperception Test, Children/FamilyApperception Test, Rorschach test)Dr. Antoine Chertouni is one of the leading authors of children's educational and psychologicalstories in the Arab world. He has more than 100 educational stories, many of which arenominated for literary prizes.Dr. Chertouni has many researches and articles in the field of psychology in many newspapersand media sites. He also produced several educational programs on radio and televisionchannels, prepared and presented by him.

Head of research department Professor Youssef Kafroni

He teaches at the Lebanese university. He is also the principle and the former dean ofthe social sciences institute at the Lebanese university.Professor Kafroni is an expert in statistics and researches. He masters the statisticalprogram SPSS,Amos program, and Atlas-ti program for qualitative researches.Professor Kafroni has several theoretical and field researches. Plenty of the studies andthe researches concerning the field of the political, the religious and the social thoughtwere issued for him. Also, he participated in numerous scientific conferences.