About Us

The Lebanese Center for Psychological and Social Sciences (Nafsaniyoun) is an independent non-profit organization number 2017/758 founded in 13 April 2017.

NAFSANIYOUN is who we are; contemplative, free, and daring for a better life.

Nafsaniyoun reflects our journey and experiences.

We were not very young when we started studying psychology. About this time, our decision to enroll in a bachelor's in this field was a significant risk and challenge, and our passion for psychology as a way of thinking was always the biggest motivator.

We agreed to create a space that resembles us, a space in which it freely turns knowledge into actions.

We wanted everyone to acknowledge the importance and magnificence of psychology, as knowledge and a way of living a better life.

To accomplish our mission, we need to apply psychology in our daily life and not confine it to universities and clinics.

We took our first step towards this Journey in April 2017 by proclaiming the establishment of Nafsaniyoun.


The task was hard, and the challenge was very great, especially with the lack of embrace for us and our concept, besides lack of funding and big difficulties in changing the prevailing mindsets of our society.

However, this did not discourage us.

To date, we are attracting thousands of trainees annually and we have been able to support a large segment of our society through our psychological and psychosocial programs in all Lebanese regions.

We have published two of the most important books on psychoanalysis that we are proud of, and we are preparing the third one.

Now we can honestly say that we are still only in building the foundation and there is a lot of work to be done.

Every day through our journey we try to keep in mind those words; "Through work, we can confront and withstand."

Ali al Atrash | Hiba khalifeh

Our Vision

A nation where its individuals are capable of solving their problems and conflicts that prevent them from Evolving and Innovating.

Our Mission

To advance the role of psychology and spread psychological awareness and knowledge in the Lebanese society.

We do this by:

Elevating the public's understanding and use of psychology.

Enhancing the discipline and profession of psychology

Cooperating with local,regional and international psychological organizations and associations.

Promoting and Supporting Psychological Publications.

Promoting the application of psychological sciences by creating constantly and continuously different programs and projects

Our Core values

Professionalism: we deliver a stable core of knowledge with high standards

Respect: we treat all people with equality, dignity and respect.

Innovation: we embrace improvement, bold creativity and change.