School Community Support Training Program

School Community Support Training Program

the SCS training program dedicated to supporting the school community in Lebanon. This program was designed to keep pace with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Beirut Port explosion on the mental health of students in schools, and ways to deal with it by teachers and the administrative body.

 This program is part of the Build Back Better initiative in partnership and support with the Teach for Lebanon (TFL) Association and it was a  completely free program (25 hours).

 170 schools and educational institutions have registered in the program, and the number of participants reached 500 trainees, most of whom were teachers, administrative bodies, and workers in civil and official associations and institutions.

We thank and appreciate all the trainers of the program:

-Dr. Antoine Al-Shartouni,

-Dr. Jana Bou Raslan,

-Psychotherapist Shahnaz Baroudi,

-Psychotherapist Rima Nehme.