Practicing Psychodynamic Therapy


Doctor Elie Abou Chakra

Doctor Abou Chakra is a Lecturer at the Lebanese University and Saint Joseph University, Specialized in Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst

Psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and psychology students except first year students can benefit from this training program.

28 hours

Every Saturday from 1:00 till 3:00 pm Starting Saturday 23 October 2021

Practicing Psychodynamic Therapy

This program is a training for conducting psychodynamicpsychotherapy, It outlines the techniques used for assessment,beginning the treatment and conducting psychodynamicpsychotherapy using uncovering and supporting techniques.

This training will help you in:

  • Beginning the treatment
  • Understanding psychodynamic theory and its practice.
  • Conducting a complete psychodynamic therapy forpsychological disorders
  • Acquiring techniques in listening, reflecting andinterpretations techniques
  • Conducting a psychodynamic assessment for an initial formulation and recommendations for treatment

Introuction: what is Psychodynamic psychotherapy? Theory of therapeutic action.
Case formulation and indications for psychodynamic psychotherapy
Beginning the treatment
Alliance empathy and neutrality
Techniques of treatment
2 hours
6 hours
4 hours
4 hours
4 hours
8 hours


  • The training will be delivered in Arabic

  • Fees: 250,000 L.L. Including Certificate of complation and training materials.

  • Each recorded session remains available with you for one month.

    P.S: Deadline of Registration is 10 November 2021